Certifications of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

“Designation of Origin” means the name of a region, a specific place or, in exceptional circumstances, a country used in the description of an agricultural product or foodstuff originating in that region, the specific place or country of which the quality or characteristics are mainly or exclusively due to the geographical environment, including natural and human factors, whose production end processing take place in the defined geographical area.

Feta PDO

Feta PDO

The products of our company are certified by AGROCERT, the Organization for the Certification and Supervision of Agricultural Products, which operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, has been included in the Production Control System of PDO products (FETA PDO, KASERI PDO) and belongs to the Register of Beneficiaries of PDO Indications. (FETA PDO, KASERI PDO)

Certification of Organic Feta

Quality Assurance Certifications

ISO 22000 (HACCP)

In recent years, a number of factors such as the globalization of food trade, the widespread environmental pollution, have led to an increase in the complexity of the food supply chain and the emergence of food safety hazards. In view of the above, companies active in the food sector have recognized the need to upgrade the effectiveness of food safety activities by implementing Food Safety Management Systems.

The ISO 22000 system is addressed to food businesses of all sizes, with the following activities:

  • Production and Processing of food
  • Production and Packaging of food
  • Storage and Transport of Food
  • Food Handling and Distribution

The ultimate goal of ISO 22000 certification is to ensure food safety at all stages from preparation to sale to the final consumer.

I.F.S. International Food Standard

I.F.S. is a food safety standard developed by the German and French Retailers Association in agreement and alignment with the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

I.F.S. has been designed as a single tool to ensure food safety and to control the quality of manufacturers’ branded products by food retailers. Standards can apply to all steps of food processing following their agricultural production.

I.F.S. defines the requirements for:

  • the content,
  • the process and
  • the evaluation

of inspections and requirements profile for certification bodies and inspectors.

The Standard Regulation defines a quantified system of assessment and fulfillment of requirements. The result of the evaluation is expressed on a percentage basis. Thus, a vendor’s customer can quantify the performance of his vendor.

Important is the ability to perform the assessment and certification process on two levels: HIGHER LEVEL and FOUNDATION LEVEL, as the company is able to assess its capabilities to meet the relevant requirements. In general, the requirements of the standard corresponding to the FOUNDATION LEVEL are considered as the minimum requirements an enterprise must meet in the international food industry. Higher level requirements are included in the HIGHER LEVEL, while the standard includes requirements identified as RECOMMENDATIONS representing “best practice” in the food sector.

BRC – World Food Standard

In 1998, the British Retail Council (BRC) developed and presented the BRC Technical Standard and Protocol for companies that supply retailers with branded foods. The Standard was created to help retailers fulfill their legal obligations while protecting the consumer by providing a common basis for inspecting companies supplying branded food.
Using the BRC Standard involves several benefits such as:

  • Reduce the number of inspections for each retailer as well as the ability of technologists to focus on other areas such as product development or other quality issues.
  • Providing a single standard and protocol by certification bodies accredited for the European Standard EN 45011 (ISO / IEC Guide 65)
  • Provide a unique verification, at an agreed frequency, that will enable vendors to report their status to customers who recognize the standard.

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