In the Panhellenic Feta Exhibition in Elassona, Larisa, “FETA 2018”, the company E & K EXARCHOS & Co, which was held from 14-16 September 2018 in Elassona, had a professional and powerful presence. E & K EXARCHOS & Co, with specialization, knowledge and passion since 1949 in the production of cheese products (Feta PDO, Kasseri PDO, Kefalotyri, Katsikisio (goat cheese), Myzithra, Butter), had its own pavilion at an exhibition focusing on the production of feta cheese and cheese products, as well as everything related to it, such as packaging, mechanical equipment and more. E & K EXARCHOS & Co, was once again present at a top nationwide cheese-making event, showing that it is a company that, despite many years of its existence, does not stay inactive and follows developments and trends of the cheese-making industry with a view to producing and improving quality of superior cheese products.